Hemingway's Paris


private tour

3 hours



Paris a city of writers in the roaring 20'

 Was Paris who made Hemingway? Or Hemingway who shaped Paris?
Discover this and much more during this exciting stroll full of anecdotes


Hemingway makes us dream of Paris with his nostalgic novels describing the French capital. With his great talent he managed to capture the essence of the city and impr

rom the war, his nighlife to the great depression

Party, bars, friendship, it's women, 


Highlights along your way

  • Mouffetard district

  • Pantheon

  • Hemingway's home*

  • Midnight in Paris stairs

  • Jardin du Luxembourg 

  • Gertrude Stein's apartment*

  • Montparnasse Cafés 

  • Café or Scotch&Soda break

  • University district

Detailed Description

This nostalgic stroll will transport you to Paris as Hemingway discovered it in the 20's.

Start this walk in the neighbourhood where he lived and worked in as a young journalist.

Experience the charm of the Latin Quarter while discovering its spectacular architecture like the Pantheon* and the church of Saint Etienne du Mont*.

If you wish you can make a break to grab a coffee or the writer's favourite: Scotch & Soda.

Cross the green and flowery Luxembourg Garden while understanding its importance in the writer's life and work.

Stroll the unknown streets of Montparnasse where he used to visit the iconic Gertrud Stein and the many Brasseries where he  would build some of his most famous friendships.

*This itinerary happens mostly in open spaces, monuments marked with a * will be discovered from the exterior

Cena con amigos

private service

flexible itinerary

3 hours

up to 6 people

Meeting Place

Outside the  metro station "Censier-Daubentonl" (find location here)  

Mobility Level

Get ready to walk about 3,6 kms / 2,2miles.
Be ready to be always on the go.


Private expert guide, interesting themed itinerary, taxes

Extra expenses (optional)

Coffee or Scotch & Soda (Hemingway's favourite) break, snacks

Weather conditions

This tour takes place rain or shine (check our cancellation policy)


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