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  Find here a selection of the most frequent questions that you might have :

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I am interested in a custom tour can you help me?

Absolutely! We offer a wide range of services designed and tailored for the people visiting Paris, whether for business or leisure. Contact us via e-mail with your specific requests and we will be more than happy to assist



How do I meet with my guide?

This will depend on your tour. You will be able to find this information in our website or in the voucher that will be sent to you once the service has been reserved. In case of customized tours this information will be only available in your reservation voucher.


Should I tip my guide?

Tips or gratuities are not mandatory. You are already paying for the service in advance and your guide is beeing paid for it. Although if you consider that your guide went over and beyond your expectations and you had a fantastic day, you can give him/her some extra. We are sure he/she will appreciate it very much.


Could you recommend and hotel for me?

Sorry, we are not hotel experts and prefer not to recommend something we haven't tried. Nevertheless we are glad to explain you how Paris is distributed, so you can have a better idea of where would you like your hotel to be. You can find great information and reviews about Hotels in Paris at Trip Advisor.


Can you send me a brochure?

All the information of our tours is in our website which is always accesible via internet from a computer, tablet and smart phone. There you should find all the information you need about your desired travel information. If there are other details you would like to know that are not specified in our website please contact us.


Did you receive my e-mail?

We most probably did, but are you sure your computer is enabled to receive our response? Sometimes we keep people waiting a few days for our e-mail. We do the tours and also the correspondence with the clients, so unfortunately some days just are not long enough for both things and we take some more time to respond during the high season. If you do not hear from us within 2/3 days please, send your e-mail again and please, check your junk mail folder and allow strollsparis@gmail.com as a trusted sender.


Can I book tours when I get to Paris?

Reservations are needed. Please, book early to avoid disappointment. If you wish to wait and book at the destination, you can contact still us once in France and we'll see what we can do at short notice.


How far in advance do I need to reserve?

We recommend that you reserve at least 7 days before your desired touring date.


Can you help me with my shopping?

Yes, just let us know what you're looking for and we will design a shopping itinerary for you to find all those items that you're dreaming of getting in Paris.


I am arriving in Paris by cruise ship and have less than a day in Paris.

Can you accommodate us?

Yes, we completely understand that you will have very limited time when coming to Paris just for the day. Just let us know the estimated arrival time of the cruise shuttle or train to Paris and we will pick you up wherever your selected transportation system drops you off. If you are wishing a private car to pick you up and take you back to the cruiseship we can recommend you some of our trusted taxi companies.


Do you provide children tours?

Most of the tours we offer are suitable for children. They are a wonderful experience for families and kids of all levels! Nevertheless we don't recommed our museum tours for kids under 12 y.o.


How should I dress for the tour?

Please dress as comfortable as possible. For most of our tours, specially the ones that require to do walking, we highly recommend to use tennis shoes since many streets in Paris are coblestoned. In case of the photo shootings we recommend you to wear comfortable shoes, and for the girls to bring your highhills in a separate bag to use it for the shooting only. If your tour considers entering any kind of religious building please bring something to cover your shoulders and avoid using very short pants.


Can I book tickets for the Louvre, Orsay or Versailles in advance?

To hire a guide to show you inside a museum you will be asked to buy a special ticket the same day of the tour with your guide.


Would my guide allow me to skip the line at main tourist attractions?

Yes. If your tour considers entering a paid monument or museum we will make sure you can skip the line.

If there is an exception we will let you know about this in advance.


What is an Official Licenced Guide? Does my guide need to be licenced? Official Licensed Guides are those who are specialized and authorized by the French Ministery of Culture to guide inside museums and national monuments. All our tours that consider entering this kind of places are done by licenced guides. Nevertheless all the guides in our team are very knowleadgeble about their specific field and we have made sure they are more than capable of providing the most enjoyable service to you and your group within the areas they are authorized to work at by the French law.


What is the price of your strolls?

Our services have a fixed price that is shown underneath each activity description in our website, this price has been determined by the independant guide or company that is providing the service.


Can I ask the guide to extend the duration of the tour?

If you would like to extend the duration of your tour at the same moment you can ask your guide if that is possible. The price that you will be given by the guide will be calculated based on Parisian Keys price list. The extra price will need to be paid in cash directly to the guide after the service is completed. We do not recommend to wait until the last minute to extend your tour, because we and our partner tour operators usually plan our schedule ahead of time and might not have more time to extend your tour if they are not warned about this in advance.


What extra expenses do I have to consider?

Depending on your stroll you might have to consider some extra expenses like: Transportation fees (metro, bus, train, boat, private car, taxi). Entrance fees to monuments or museums, snacks, breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc...

Upon request and depending on the case, we can assist you getting some tickets in advance for you, please do not hesitate to ask, this expenses will need to be paid back directly to your guide in cash at the beginning of the tour.


Are your prices per person? Is there any discount for children?

Only activities that include transportation may have a price by person.

Our prices are calculated by considering the duration of the service, not per person. The same total price will be respected up to the maximum number of people authorized in the tour, children over 2 y.o. will count as one person. If your group is larger than the max. capacity indicated in your tour's description, let us know so we can consider your specific situation and customize your tour.


Is there any discount for large groups or travel agents?

Please send us an email with your special request and we will contact you with further information.


When is my tour finally reserved and confirmed?

We will confirm that we've reserved our time for you only once the payment(s) have been completed.


1) If you are reserving with more than one month in advance: You will be asked to pay a 25% deposit to confirm your reservation. One month before the tour date we will send your a request to pay the amount due: 75%. If this last payment is not completed and you have not cancelled the tour via email 31 days before the tour date, we will assume that you are not interested in taking the tour anymore and we will stop reserving the date for you. In this case we will keep the 25% deposit that you've paid as a guarantee.


2) If you are reserving your tour with less than a month before the service requested: we will ask you to pay the 100% of the tour price to complete your reservation.


Please check our Cancellation Policy for more informations.


Can I pay for your services when I arrive?

In order to reserve any of the services or activities offered in this website we require that you confirm the tour with a deposit or the full payment of the tour price. If you are making a last minute tour request via phone and we happen to be available, we might consider accepting a cash payment.


Are the tours cancelled in case of bad weather?

Tours take place rain or shine, we don't take weather conditions as a reason for cancellation, but we can always try to accommodate the tour to another time or date depending on our availability.

Only some Picnic tours may be cancelled for this reason.

Please check our Cancellation Policy for more informations.


What is your privacy policy regarding my personal data?

We just ask for essential information we might need to provide the best service.

We do not resell or reveal your data to other companies.


I have another question that is not listed over here, how can I ask you?

Just send us an email to strollsparis@gmail.com

or call us directly to +33 6 50 37 31 46 (from abroad) or 06 50 37 31 46 (from inside France).





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