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Hi! My name is Pamela Breit. I arrived in Paris just like most people do: eager to explore the city's iconic attractions, hungry for its world-renowned cuisine, and armed with a few romantic French words – just in case. But I never in a million years imagined how this place would change my life!


The French capital's unique atmosphere, romantic history, and sheer elegance captivated me, so much so that I couldn't resist staying. In my quest to become a true Parisienne, I had some work ahead of me. I visited all the museums I could, explored every little street, and attempted – with varying degrees of success – to communicate with locals without knowing a word of French. After filling up on all the croissants, crepes, and baguettes I could get my hands on, I graduated to duck confit, escargot, fine wine, and Champagne. I gradually began to recognize culinary perfection as a local might. I wandered into fancy boutiques where I'd try on the trendiest garments and shoes, soon learning where I could best abuse my credit card, or find the best bargains.


After staying, long enough, at a very generous friend's house, I moved into a tiny, typical Parisian flat, bought my vegetables at the neighborhood's marché, and enrolled in a French language school. I quickly forgot what it was like to drive a car and instead found myself preferring the city's public bicycles and transportation system. Of course, I did face the much-feared Parisian scowls that many people warned me about, but I would quickly discover that this was only a facade that not only belied a deeper and more interesting personality, but also a curiously friendly attitude. 


When my friends and family started making fun of my new "French" accent, and when I finally began to understand local jokes, I felt I was ready to share my Parisian experience with others like me. Aside from my five languages, I had a lot to offer. My professional knowledge in the travel and hospitality industry, coupled with lessons learned on my own personal journeys, gave me the courage to begin my next venture. And with the help of some very special people, StrollsParis finally became a reality!


... let's go stroll together?
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As more new talents with the same passion and different areas of expertise joined StrollsParis team, we were able to offer more tours and services. All the while carefully maintaining our hallmark friendly and personable style, this allows us to give those who choose to stroll with us the most memorable experience possible.

I would specially like to thank some of the people that have supported the creation of this project:
Alvaro Ramirez for being there during StrollsParis first steps and believing in it - Sebastian Breit F. and for all the IT

technical Support. - Diego Galleguillos L. ( for some of the wonderful photos on this website. 

Angela de la Parra for her graphic design assistance and ideas.

My dear customers: Mike Brinkley, Evan Clark, Adele Raftis, Darshika Waas, Torsten Koerber, John & Julie Green, Steenekamp girls, Taty Yuliati, TJ Lee Williams, Angela Hunter-E., Jodi Zicklin, Mike & Lynn Allahverdi, Patrick Kennedy, Kimberly Mershon and Maryjo Qunel that have shared their photos and reviews with us to launch this website.

Thank you!!!

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