StrollsParis team is confomed by very enthusiastic and talented people that are absolutely in love with Paris and can't wait to  take you discover their amazing city!

The Team

Since I was born I've been extremely curious, creative and slowly developed my passion for travelling as well. After finishing my degree in fashion I decided to travel the world so I joined the guest services department at a cruiseship where I learned and loved to be constantly making sure that travelers were enjoying their vacation to the fullest. After this fun but hard job, I traveled the world always working in the tourism and customer service area. Now I speak 5 languages fluently and have become an expert of the city of light.

As the founder of StrollsParis, I make sure other travelers live a fantastic experience and fall in love with Paris just like I did many years ago


This energetic student left her hometown to see the world. She settled down in England for a couple of years but soon felt the urge to move to Paris. Sol became passionate about Montmartre as well as the great parisian monuments.

Although a full time student at the prestigious Sorbonne University, she is always happy to find the time to wander the city and show her discoveries to travelers that are looking to have a fun and interesting time in the city of light.


The saying "I'm parisien, I love rien" does not apply to Caroline who loved the city of lights so much that she dropped her career as a project manager to become a licensed guide. When she is not guiding, this young mother of two can be seen riding her electric bike all over Paris, preparing her next tour. As knowledgeable and efficient as she is friendly, Caroline will make sure you have a fun time!


This multicultural man has a wonderful mix of interests and passions that make him an incredible fun person; cinema decoration, graphic design, master in art history, architecture, footwear design and traditional shoemaking. He speaks perfect English, Portuguese and French and has a very enthusiastic personality which charms everyone around him. After he obtained his official license lecturer Guide degree he started working inside the most wonderful monuments and museums of France allowing the travelers to explore and understand France's history, art and culture.


Eugenie is absolutely in love with this marvelous and mysterious city! She's passionate about religious architecture, historical monuments, greek antiquities and art.

Being a licenced guide and having a masters degree in English, and beeing a mother of two kids, she can make you and your family discover the most beautiful Parisian museums and monuments in her own charming and unique style.

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