Yes, this is definetively an amazing city and we would like to give you some useful information so you can take the best advantage of your time and have the best experience!!!

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To know what's going  

 on in Paris this days

How can I move in and around Paris?

Paris is renowned for it's great and inexpensive public transport system, there are 14 subway (metro) lines, many bus routes, 5 train (RER) lines, and even thousends of public bikes (Velib).
Here you will find some tips and links that will help you to know how to move around:


Paris is everyday a more ecological city that's why this new public bike system (VELIB) has been developed and many new bike lanes created.

You can sign up online or directly at any of the 1800 stations to get a week or day pass.

The system is thought so that the bikes rotate from one user to other. That's why you should return the bike every 30min. to avoid beeing charged extra.
You can take the bikes as many times as you want during the day.

The guarantee amount the system is holding from you account (150€) might take several days to be returned.

Click here to find more details about VELIB system.


The metro system is the fastest way to move around Paris when the streets are colapsed, although at pick-hours it can get really busy and not so comfortable anymore.

We recommend you to get a pocket metro map at any station and take the courage to try it and travel like local. 

Click here to find all the information you need about Metro - Buses - RER - Tramway- and more.


There are hundreds of taxis on the street, but don't get confused, most of the time they won't stop to take you anywhere you want.

Try to find a taxi stop or get a radiotaxi to avoid a dissapointment. Be careful at some times of the day it might be better to consider walking or taking the metro since the traffic jams are just incredible.

One of the biggest radio taxi companies offers online and telephone booking service, see next:

Book Online                  Book by Telephone


The best way to move outside the city and get to know smaller towns, or go to the closest regions is by train.

°Click here to access the SNCF or long distance train site (only available in French)

We wish you a good ride!

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