Yes, this is definetively an amazing city and we would like to give you some useful information so you can take the best advantage of your time and have the best experience!!!

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To know what's going  

 on in Paris this days

Sunny? Rainy? Better to be prepared!

Paris is located in the midst of the Ile de France region, which has France's lowest rainfall, however the city is known for its unexpected rain showers which can occur at any time of year along with strong wind.

Summer temperatures are mild to warm, with occasional heat waves, while winters are very chilly with temperatures hovering around freezing point.

During sunny days we recommend to wear always a hut or something to cover your head, a lot of sun lotion and get ready to drink a lot of water.

When it rains its always better to get a plastic poncho, umbrellas are fine, but the strong wind might destroy them quite easily.


Here you can find the weather forecast (in °F and °C) for today here in Paris. You can click on the widget to see the 10 day forecast too.

Nevertheless we always recommend you to look out the window before going out, weather can be quite unpredictable here!


We wish you an enjoyable day!

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