Yes, this is definetively an amazing city and we would like to give you some useful information so you can take the best advantage of your time and have the best experience!!!

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To know what's going  

 on in Paris this days

Let's practice your French!

Parisian people really appreciate when tourists try to communicate in French, you don't need to be an expert, but some easy words and phrases will help you feel more comfortable in Paris:

Some basics:

-Thank you  ° Merci (pronounce: Megsee)

-Please    °S'il vous plaît (pronounce: See vou ple)


-Restroom    °Les Toilets (pronounce: le tualé)

-Good morning   °Bon jour (p.: bon juur)

-Good afternoon  °Bon aprés-midi (p.: bon apré midee)

-Good evening     °Bon soir (p.: bon suagh)

-See you soon    °A bientôt (p.: a bientò)

-I am sorry °Je suis désolé (p.: jou sui desolee)

​-Excuse me   °Excuse moi (p.: excuse mua)

Useful phrases:

-Where is the... (hotel, trainstation, toilet...)
°Où se trouve... (l'hôtel, la gare, les toilettes)?

-How much does that cost?
°Combien ça coûte?

-I would like a... (coffee, tea, crepe, bottle of...)
°Je voudrais un... (café, thé, crêpe, bouteille de...)

-What time is it?
°Quelle heure est-il?

I don't understand.
°Je ne comprends pas.

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