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The heart of Paris - online

Montmartre Top

private tour

1 hour



Vida laboral digital

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Discover the heart of Paris

Now you can comfortably travel to Paris without even moving from your couch. During this private online experience you will stroll the heart of Paris live.

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Travel from the comfort of your home and meet your friends, family or colleagues online. 

Interact with your guide in real time, ask questions and request your guide to show you what you want to see. 

This online stroll will allow you to discover some famous places as well as others that only locals know. It is a great way to get ready for your trip to Paris while having your expert guide connected with you live.


Where was Paris founded over 20 centuries ago? What are the key words to know to assure you enjoy meeting locals?

Learn this and much more about Paris and the Parisians during this interactive online experience.

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Highlights along your way

  • Louvre museum*

  • Love bridge

  • Typical Metro station*

  • Gothic Architecture

  • Oldest bridge

  • Supreme Court*

  • Virtual Coffee break 

  • Notre Dame Cathedral*

  • Conciergerie*

Detailed Description

Your stroll will start with your guide in a small charming garden. He/she will connect to you and your group via Zoom.

Once everyone is connected your guide will start this interesting online experience by showing you an incredible view of the famous cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris.

You will cross the Seine river to get closer to it and be on the island where Paris was founded so long ago. Your guide will show you details that will allow you to understand the development of the city and will share with you anecdotes that you will love.

If possible your guide will go inside a typical Parisian café to get an expresso. This will be a good time for you to get yours too and ask your guide any questions you have.

You will continue discovering the island and pass outside the Sainte Chapelle and the Conciergerie, the old royal castle which incredibly has a wonderful medieval clock attached to a wall. See the medieval towers of the building while approaching the oldest and strongest bridge of the city that many tourists don't even notice!

Finish this fun online stroll at the largest museum in the world: the Louvre, see its magnificence and its glass pyramid as well as other highlights that are located in its enormous courtyard.



                                                                   * This itinerary happens entirely in open spaces,. Monuments listed in the itinerary will be discovered from the exterior

Cena con amigos

private service

flexible itinerary

1 hour

up to 6 people

Meeting Place

You will receive an invitation to join a virtual room via Zoom.


Mobility Level

None, you just need a comfy couch to sit at.


Private expert guide

Interesting and fun Itinerary to discover Paris

Extra expenses

None, everything has been included

Weather conditions

This tour takes place rain or shine.

But if there is a risk of storm we will have to reschedule the tour. 

(check our cancellation policy)

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* If you use an IPhone devise you will be redirected to another site for payment
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