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About Us

Pamela Breit Paris Guide

We are delighted to see you here and are looking forward to sharing our best stories and secrets of our beloved city with you.

Pamela Breit Foncillas
Founder of StrollsParis and passionate Paris Expert Guide

As travellers ourselves we understand the excitement that comes along with a trip to a new place or somewhere you already know but are fascinated about and wish to return.
For this reason our goal is that these feelings grow and you bring the best memories home.

To make this happen we not only are professional tour guides, but we constantly rediscover our city, we keep learning about it and we stay up to date with what's new in Paris.

You can find out a bit about each of us in the following section:

Still curious and wish to know more?
Find our exciting story  below

This story started in the year 2009 when, Pamela Breit F. arrived in Paris as many of you do: curious and excited but absolutely lost.

After a couple of weeks she realized there was so much to see and discover that her short visit was not going to be enough. For this reason she decided to stop her endless travels and make Paris her home.
She learn French from scratch; she immersed herself in the culture and history and slowly even without noticing she became a Parisian.

She got her first job guiding in a small but friendly bike tour agency where the owners and fellow guides became like family - Thank you Chris & Paul 

That first and important step allowed her to continue growing, learning about Paris and meeting incredible people, many of them that are today part of the StrollsParis team.


Pam Eiffel_edited_edited.jpg

2009 - Pamela's first visit to the Eiffel Tower

A y P_edited.jpg

2011 - StrollsParis Founders

For new-years eve in 2011 she met an energetic entrepreneur: Alvaro R.

They united their ideas and expertise and StrollsParis was born as a small agency in this grandiose city.

Pamela taught Alvaro how to express his vast local knowledge in a fun way and shared with him the first stories that visitors love to know about and that many locals ignore.

With time other locals wanted to follow and join the team, so Pamela trained more friends who became guides for a while as well. 

Alvaro eventually decided to leave France and Pamela took full control of StrollsParis. A challenging but exciting time was starting.

Pamela kept gaining experience and creating new fun and informative itineraries. She had clients from all around the world who, thanks to their interests, compliments and great suggestions, made Pamela improve her skills and look for solutions and ideas to please their demands.

She met restaurant and shop owners, local artists, musicians, photographers, other tourism entrepreneurs and many fellow guides! A beautiful collaboration was created and her clients could benefit from a wider variety of experiences, tips and ideas.

Frank Strolls Cheese_edited.jpg

Frank, the "cheese man" at La Ferme Saint Aubin 
Île de Saint Louis - 76 Rue Saint-Louis en l'Île, 75004 Paris

Captura de Pantalla 2021-08-06 a la(s) 17.29_edited.jpg

2013 - Our wonderful clients from Chile with Sol

StrollsParis kept growing thanks to the wonderful reviews shared by our thoughtful and happy clients.

Wonderful and knowledgeable guides joined the team, many with degrees in art history, allowing our clients to discover Paris most beautiful museums.

As many guides had international backgrounds StrollsParis started to offer their services in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German and Dutch! 

More and more travellers were visiting Paris and many wanted to discover Paris with us, until...

The year 2020 arrived...


... and with it the world changed.

Our team was stuck at home, like everyone else around the world. Paris was empty, shops were closed, all our exciting ideas and plans were frozen.

Our clients reached us asking if there was any hope of travelling to France soon. We didn't know, nobody knew... we were every day waiting to receive positive news from the authorities, but they didn't come.

One day a client who had become a friend contacted Pamela; she was sick, stuck in a hospital in North Carolina, USA. Her family couldn't enter her room and she had no clear information about when she could return home. She only had one way out: a laptop and internet.

Pamela had an idea and asked her to connect to a Twitch account she quickly created and took her on an improvised online tour around the Eiffel Tower.

She connected and communicated via the chat. Other random people joined: they were asking questions and writing comments from all over the planet.

Pamela kept doing this for a while for her friend to virtually travel to Paris and have a certain freedom.

Online Live tours.jpeg

Little by little more people started to join the live streamings, they participated in the chat and some started to send monetary support online.

We received many suggestions which helped us to improve the quality of our streamings and while we waited for the world to open up again, we continued every Sunday , rain or shine, going out to share the magnificence of our city with virtual travellers from around the planet.

Her friend eventually healed, left the hospital and started a normal life. But Pamela had discovered that she was not the only one that enjoyed this window to Paris and she decided to activate her professional  Facebook account and started doing 30 minutes online tours every Sunday.

After a little while a friend suggested to participate and together they added the Spanish online tour, which became a Sunday tradition too.

A new Instagram account was created, where Pamela would make improvised live streamings every time she came across something exciting happening.

A lovely community of Paris fans was growing and despite the sanitary crisis we could still share our passion for Paris around the planet.
Our Instagram account: @strollsparis

Pamela was contacted by several entrepreneurs from around the world, many with interesting ideas. She joined many startups and learned much more about virtual experiences. One of her favorite collaborations was with Tal, an Israeli guide in Germany, who, along with her partner Lars, created a new virtual reality option to travel! Now you can enjoy an incredible 360° virtual tour experience thanks to their innovative software : Reachabl 

Like them Pamela met great guides and entrepreneurs from around the world and together they supported each other with ideas, tips and just creating a great international community. Special thanks to Mitch Bach, Trip School and friends from NYC and around the world.

Pamela created a new Instagram account for guides to meet online, share experiences with fellow guides, travel agents and curious travellers that are looking for a friendly local guide to enrich their travel experience.


Tal guiding a 360° tour in Berlin on Reachabl

Captura de Pantalla 2021-08-06 a la(s) 17.39.16.png

Tour guides keeping the energy up during the sanitary crisis - TripSchool

Streaming with Eliot.jpeg

Live streaming with Eliot on a Sunday at the Parc Monceau
Learn more about Eliot's interesting story HERE

One day Pamela was visiting a friend and collaborator who sells wonderful French chocolates; Denise Acabo.
There was a nice gentleman waiting for his turn.
Pamela and Eliot started to talk and she invited him to see a StrollsParis Facebook live stroll on Sunday. He accepted the invitation and contacted her after proposing to meet for a coffee. 
A wonderful friendship started between the two when both realized they shared a great passion for Paris!
Since then, January 2021, StrollsParis has a new collaborator: Eliot Goldman, an US citizen who also made Paris his home over 20 years ago.

He has become part of StrollsParis family and has enriched it with his vast knowledge and good sense of humor. He also participates on StrollsParis Sunday online strolls and writes interesting entries in our blog.

Slowly the world opens up, France and the European Union open their borders with new restrictions. 
The first travellers are reaching out eager to return to French soil.
It is a slow process but it has been a time that has proven the whole team how much they enjoy their job, how much they love Paris and how much they missed their beloved clients that allow them to do one of the  the most exciting job in the world:

Share happiness, excitement, allow others to discover the wealth of a foreign culture, be a bridge between people and realities that although they might look so different at first sight, they are all connected through history, arts and technology.

Studying Paris history.jpeg

Special Thanks

The text above is a short version of the 10 year story of StrollsParis. A story that only happened thanks to the hundreds of people that have crossed our paths. In this section I would like to thank all of you that have contributed in so many different ways to make this project a wonderful life experience!

First of all thanks to all the great clients that have thought us to be better guides, those that have challenged us and those that have complimented us, those that have cried from the emotion of being in Paris for the first time and those that share with us anecdotes that even we didn't know! Thanks to all of you that have become lifetime friends and stay in touch along the years.

Thanks to all our online followers that have made us discover a new way of sharing our beautiful Paris! Thank you for participating with comments, questions and highly appreciated suggestions.

Thank you to our Patreons, to all of you that have bought us virtual coffees and sent us monetary support during the most difficult times of the sanitary crisis.

Many thanks to all those guides and professionals that are part of this team and do such an excellent job, thank you for your generosity and good will, for your flexibility and friendship.

And last but not least,  special thanks for all those that have been part of this project as family and friends, with your knowledge, with your ideas, your professional and your emotional support.

My deepest and sincere gratitude to all of you.

Pamela Breit Foncillas

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