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7 Romantic Ideas for Valentine's (or any romantic) Day in Paris

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Paris, the city of love, is the perfect place for couples who want to celebrate St. Valentine's. Whether it's a vacation or a romantic stay-cation, Paris offers plenty of opportunities to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Here are some ideas for romantic activities for couples in Paris on Valentine's Day vacation.

Ideas for a romantic day in Paris

1 - Watch the sunset at the Eiffel Tower

There's nothing more romantic than strolling around or going up the Eiffel Tower watching the sunset over the city. Enjoy a glass of Champagne at the summit of the monument while taking in stunning views of the city lit up at night. If you want to make it extra special consider booking a table at the elegant Le Jules Verne, a Michelin star restaurant on the tower. You will skip all the lines and you will be treated like a king and queen while enjoying the pleasures of an original and modern french cuisine.

Sunset at the Eiffel Tower

2 - Do a picnic in the park

Pack a basket of delicious treats and wine and head to a picturesque garden for a romantic picnic. Some of the tranquil oases in the heart of Paris that we love are:

These places are perfect to relax and enjoy each other's company under the trees during a warmer day.

Doing a picnic in Paris

3 - A Seine River dinner cruise

Get a different perspective of the city on a Seine river cruise. Enjoy views of Paris' most famous landmarks, including Notre Dame and the Eiffel Tower, while sipping wine and cuddling up close. We recommend you book dinner instead of lunch to be able to see the city all lit up.

Romantic dinner cruise Paris

4 - Dine in a romantic restaurant

Paris is full of romantic restaurants with a cozy atmosphere and delicious food.

Here is our selection of our favourite romantic restaurants in Paris to consider for a Valentine's Day dinner or any romantic evening:

  • Restaurant J'adore: The setting is lush with a fountain and majestic decor. Delicious gourmet bites and the original cocktail enhance the culinary experience.

  • L'Ambroisie: A Michelin-starred restaurant located on the Place des Vosges, offering an exceptional dining experience.

  • Lapérouse: This magnificent renovated private mansion keeps the charm and essence of historic Paris from the times when the French high society met there to enjoy exhilarating evenings in a refined and authentic setting.

  • Le Chalet des Îles: In a very different setting from those we have just mentioned, located on an island of a lake in the Bois de Boulogne, it is sheltered from the hustle and bustle of Paris. In the middle of nature, it offers traditional cuisine in a totally exotic place.

  • Le Grand Véfour: With an elegant XVIII century decor, this historical restaurant serves traditional French cuisine for those that love history.

5- Take a stroll along the Seine river

Take a leisurely stroll along the Seine and enjoy the sights and sounds of the city. In Paris the Seine is about 8 miles or 13 kms long, so unless you really love walking, you better know where those romantic places are to choose the best one for your romantic setting. Here are our 5 favourite spots and why:

  • Sunset on the Île de Saint Louis behind of Notre Dame Cathedral while seeing the boats pass (street view)

  • Hide under the willow tree at the Place du Galant Vert, the tip of the Île de la Cité (street view)

  • On top of the Alexandre III bridge for a hyper photogenic place (street view)

  • At the Passerelle des arts, better known as the "Love Bridge" (street view)

  • Hidden from the crowds behind the Square Barye (street view)

Romantic walk along the Seine river in Paris

6 - Enjoy a Jazz show

Paris is a vibrant home to music, and jazz offers certainly an ambiance that is perfect for two. We recommend you to book your tickets in advance to make sure that special evening happens just the way you want.

Here's a few recommendations for a romantic jazz club in Paris:

  • Jazz Club Etoile: This popular jazz club is located in the 17th arrondissement and features live jazz performances by both local and international musicians.

  • Le Duc des Lombards: This historic jazz club is located in the heart of Paris and features live jazz performances every night, as well as a stylish bar and lounge area for couples to enjoy a romantic drink together.

Jazz in Paris

7 - Share your love for animals

Paris cat cafes are increasingly popular in the city, and offer a unique fun and unusual experience, perfect for animal lovers. These cafes provide a safe and welcoming environment for cats and are a great way to relax and de-stress, customers can hang out with the furry residents while enjoying a meal or drink.

Here you can find 2 places where you can share your love with these cute new friends.

Paris for couples

Whichever of these activities you choose, Paris is the perfect destination for couples who want to celebrate Valentine's Day or any romantic event. Whether it's just admiring the city's stunning architecture, savouring delicious cuisine, or taking a romantic stroll, Paris is sure to win your. ♥️

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