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A unique collaboration for a unique team!

Walking around the streets of Paris you will see this fashion trend all around, but...

What is Michael Jordan doing in the Parisian soccer club’s shirt? Why is the jumpman logo replacing the “A”, in Paris?

This collaboration is unique because it connects different sports, and different continents, under iconic fashion branding. Air Jordan (owned by Nike) revolutionised the sportswear industry into the fashion world from basketball shoes to a symbol of streetwear today. Jordan represents the attitude of relentless winning. The jumpman logo is one of the most successful brands in sport, but it is a lot more influential in the United States than in Europe.

When Micheal Jordan was at the peak of his career, PSG was a relatively unknown soccer team. In 2011, PSG was purchased by Qatar Sports Investments and have since spent over a billion euros in star players like Neymar and Mbappe.

However, in an attempt not to depend on the money from their investors, PSG set out to build a global brand that adopted the image of Parisian authenticity in the fashion industry. If sportswear has become fashion then it makes sense for Paris to have the world's most fashionable soccer club and so the collaboration began in 2018.

Both PSG and Air Jordan are successful, but famous and loved by different audiences and consumed by markets that were previously far away. In this exclusive deal, the two giant brands created a new logo that has connected their markets. Resulting in the Jordan brand (and basketball in general) gaining much higher interest in Europe, and PSG jersey sales in the USA have grown by an estimated 470% in the past two years!!!

If you can not wait to come to Paris to get your special garment click HERE to buy online.

The growing number of soccer fans in the USA and China witnessed France win the world cup of 2018, which solidified their idea that -France is soccer-. Plus, the star of the French championship team plays for Paris. In the past years the Parc des Princes, PSG’s stadium, has become a meeting point for international celebrities who are in the city and want to be seen having an authentic experience. Of course, they are all wearing the PSG Jordan shirts.

Remember you can visit the stadium when in Paris, you can reserve your spot HERE.

Being a strong global brand increases their chances of signing top players and helps their chances to win the big trophies. But how they market off the field is as important as their achievements on the field. Today, PSG faced Italian team Atalanta in the quarterfinals of the European Champions League. PSG won again...2-1 getting us closer to victory!

Watch the best moments of the game HERE

Do you think PSG will win the championship?

One way or the other PSG is today the pride of all Parisians and if you are a soccer fan you should consider assisting to one of their games during your visit!

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