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Bringing your Furry Friend to Paris

It can be quite intimidating to attempt to travel with your pets, especially if you have never been to the location either. As an animal loving team here at StrollsParis, we wish to offer some insight on how to make travel with your pet as easy as possible.

Paris is a surprisingly pet friendly city. Practically every restaurant and store accepts dogs with enthusiasm and the Parisian pet scene has blossomed post-pandemic. For accommodation, Paris has almost 1,000 pet friendly hotels for you and your fluffy travel companion to rest after exploring the city. If you plan on flying solo for a few hours, you can always check your cat into this luxury cat hotel or have your dog get a spa session at a fancy groomer.

Depending what country you are coming from, your pet will need to receive different vaccinations and hold a passport. The easiest way to assure everything goes well with this is to speak to your veterinarian at least one month before you travel. Some vaccinations can take 21 days to reach full effect, prohibiting your pet from traveling in that period. Make sure to print out all of the vaccines and documentation you have regarding taking your pet on the flight, in order to save time at the check-in desk and at boarding.

You should also consider your mode of transport. Air travel does not have to be traumatizing and can even be fun if they are able to come in the cabin with you. We strongly recommend, if possible, bringing your furry friend into the cabin with you. Many airlines offer the possibility of adding a pet to your ticket, and placing your cat or dog in a plane appropriate carrier under the seat. Make sure to check dimensions for your specific airline ahead of time! Check out this article to see 10 potential options.

If your dog is far too large, there is the possibility of purchasing them their own seat.

There is actually a couple in my Parisian neighbourhood who fly with their Golden retriever back and forth to Los Angeles once a year, and the dog sits with them in his own seat!

Now that you're at the airport with your dog, check to see if there are any special pet relief areas present. If not, pop outside to make sure your pet can relieve themselves one last time before the flight.

If you are bringing your cat make sure to get a travel litter box.

If it is their first time traveling, take it slow, most pets will be a little curious at the beginning and then settle to sleep once you're in the air. You can even get pet anti-anxiety medicine to give them once they're on the plane!

When you land, you will have to present your passport (and your pets) to go through security and take your pet outside as soon as possible to relieve themselves.

Congratulate yourself! You did it!

Now onto the fun part: StrollsParis is a dog-friendly tour company! So if you are interested in taking a tour without leaving your four legged friend behind, explore our Themed strolls which are pet friendly or we would be happy to customise a stroll for you and your furry friend.

And if you want to just walk your furry friend on your own check out this list of parks where dogs are allowed on a leash in Paris.

Happy strolling! 🐶🧍🏽‍♀️

Written by Julia Orr

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