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Covered Passages 

Montmartre Top

private tour

3 hours



The evolution of the shopping experience

Travel through history in the remaining old Parisian glass-roofed passages and their unique boutiques.

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Imagine "la parisienne" strolling the streets on high-heels and carrying a bunch of bags.

Learn how this cliché was created little by little, and how shopping, one of people's favorite activities today, was not always as fun or chic. 


During this tour you will understand how getting goods and window shopping became such a pleasure for so many, the weekend's panorama for people of all backgrounds all around the world.


Important political and economic changes modify people's behavior and their perception: this is what happened as never before from the end of the monarchy, to the passing of the Napoleonic empires and the establishment of a long lasting democracy in France.


During this stroll, discover those unique and exclusive boutiques off the beaten path and be tempted by the historic shops along the way.

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Highlights along your way

  • Galerie Véro-Dodat

  • Palais Royal

  • Exclusive Boutiques

  • Galerie Vivienne

  • La Bourse* 

  • Passage Panoramas

  • Grands Boulevards 

  • Galerie Lafayette

  • Historic Sweet Shop 

Detailed Description

This unique stroll will start near the Louvre, where your guide will walk you to Vero-Dodat, the first of the many charming galleries that had a renaissance after a long time of decadence.


You will continue by discovering the "capital of Paris," which is where this shopping revolution started. Enjoy a stroll along the elegant Palais Royal Garden and learn more about this exceptional and prestigious place that has been witness to important historic events.


This walk continues through the Galerie Vivienne, one of our favorites: called "the jewel of all the galleries." And we will have a quick glance towards its former competitor: the Galerie Colbert.


You will pass by the imposing Bourse (former stock exchange) created by Napoleon I and the iconic Parisian XIX century streets made during the time of his nephew Napoleon III.


Cover a large part of the way under the glass-roofs of three different passages that will make you travel through time and feel the different ambiance of each of these revolutionary shopping alleys.


You will discover one of the rare examples of a "street boutique" that dates from the time of the creation of the first passages. Here, you might get tempted by their specialty sweets


This stroll will finish at the most famous department stores, which marked the end of the glorious times of these unforgettable covered passages.

*This itinerary happens mostly in open spaces, monuments marked with a * will be discovered from the exterior

Cena con amigos

private service

flexible itinerary

3 hours

up to 6 people

Meeting Place

Outside the  metro station "Louvre-Rivolil" (find location here)  

Mobility Level

Get ready to walk about 2,8  kms / 1,8 miles.

An easy stroll mostly under the covered spaces.


Private expert guide, interesting themed itinerary, taxes

Extra expenses (optional)

Coffee break, snacks

Weather conditions

This tour takes place rain or shine (check our cancellation policy)

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