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Memorable Latin Quarter

Montmartre Top

private tour

3 hours



Memories of a glorious city through the centuries

Walk through the streets and gardens of this lively neighborhood visiting ancient Roman sites, settings for recent films, and the university that made this the « Latin Quarter »


This stroll will allow you to glimpse French history through ruins left by the Romans, a 13th century university, an elegant park and other places and streets that define French landscaping.

This area is the setting of many recent films and series which the filmmakers  have adapted to fit the Parisian "Cliché".

Be impressed by the magnificence of a former church that after many changes finally became the resting place of the most honored French men and women.

Stroll the medieval streets that keep the old magic spirit of the past, and the ambiance of a small village trapped in the center of a cosmopolitan capital.


Highlights along your way

  • The Pantheon*

  • Luxembourg Garden

  • Roman Ruins

  • Sorbonne University*

  • Medieval Streets

  • Film Settings*

  • Shakespeare & Co. Bookshop

  • Medieval Churches*

  • Chocolate or Crêpe break

Detailed Description

Meet your guide at a very charming "square" with a wonderful view over Notre Dame cathedral, steps away from the Seine and the bookshops along the river.

During this stroll you will start by walking the lively narrow medieval streets that are so characteristic of this area, and you will discover some of the hidden stories of the past, all the way to the origins of the city of Paris, when finding the Roman ruins that still survive in the heart of the city.

You will pass by the imposing Sorbonne, understanding the importance of education and the development of this world famous institution across the centuries.


A lovely stroll through the famous Luxembourg Garden will make you feel the freshness underneath trees and colorful flowers, and the elegance of its many statues that decorate the garden which surrounds the French Senate.

You will keep walking up the hill towards one of the most important highlights of Paris; the Pantheon, where the greatest men and women of this country rest. Around this monument you will discover charming places that have served as film settings for some of Hollywood's most successful creations.

This stroll will end at one of the most beautiful and lively medieval streets, where you might want to enjoy the local ambiance sitting in one of the cafés or shopping in the many local food shops.

* This itinerary happens entirely in open spaces, monuments listed in the itinerary will be discovered from the exterior

Cena con amigos

private service

flexible itinerary

3 hours

up to 6 people

Meeting Place

In the middle of René Viviani Parc (see here)

Mobility Level

Get ready to walk 2,1 kms / 1,3 miles

The area is flat but we might go up and downstairs a couple of times


Private expert guide, interesting and fun Itinerary to discover the islands of the Seine

Extra expenses

(optional) Coffee break, snacks, entrance to Sainte Chapelle (optional)

Weather conditions

This tour takes place rain or shine

(check our cancellation policy)

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