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Paris,City of Fashion

Montmartre Top

private tour

3 hours



The Fashion Capital of the World, where Elegance meets Style

Dive into Coco Chanel's revolution, the stylistic codes of Christian Dior and discover the fascinating evolution of fashion in Paris


The fashion revolution in Paris is a captivating journey through the evolution of style and glamour.


Coco Chanel, a pioneer of modern fashion, brought forth a new era with her iconic designs that emphasized simplicity and elegance. 
Christian Dior, with his New Look redefined post-war fashion with luxurious fabrics and feminine silhouettes.

Cartier renowned for its exquisite jewellery and watches while Yves Saint Laurent was a visionary that challenged the traditional norms.

Together, these and many other iconic figures have shaped the rich tapestry of Parisian fashion, creating a legacy that continues to inspire and influence designers around the world.


Highlights along your way

  • Avenue de la Paix 

  • Place Vendôme

  • Ritz Hôtel

  • Historical Chanel store*

  • Hermes boutique

  • Champs Élysées Garden

  • Avenue Montaigne 

  • First Dior boutique*

  • Yves Saint Laurent shop*

Detailed Description

This stylish stroll will allow you to understand the development of fashion in the modern world.

Start this walk at the imposing Opera Garnier, an architectural masterpiece that gathered the fashion victims of its time. You will stroll the elegant Avenue de la Paix to arrive at the luxurious Place Vendôme. Here you will learn about the most iconic shops that make the square a must for the fashion lovers.


You will see the historic Ritz Hotel and understand its connection with the revolutionary Coco Chanel! Pass by her famous boutique and enjoy the anecdotes that surround this famous designer.  

Experience the glamour of Hermès and admire the courageous story of Lanvin. A relaxing stroll along the colorful garden of the Champs Élysées will allow you recover some energy before discovering the glamorous Avenue Montaigne where your stroll will end with the wonderful story of Christian Dior.

Your stroll will end here, perfect for you to continue shopping in this exclusive area or visiting the innovative Galerie Dior*.


*This itinerary happens mostly in open spaces, monuments marked with a * will be discovered from the exterior

Cena con amigos

private service

flexible itinerary

3 hours

up to 4 people

Meeting Place

Outside the  boutique LANCEL located in front of the Opera Garnier (find location here)  

Mobility Level

Get ready to walk about 2,7 kms / 1,6 miles.


Private expert guide & interesting themed itinerary

Coffee or Wine break 

Extra expenses (optional)

Shopping, snacks

Weather conditions

This tour takes place rain or shine

(check our cancellation policy)

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