Versailles Discovery


private tour

4 hours



The Sun King's dream and so much more

Have you ever imagined how was it to live in the France of Louis XIV?  
Discover this and so much more that Versailles allows you to experience.

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If you are looking to experience the French glamour and luxury you have to visit Versailles.


This unique place will make you travel to a time, when France had an absolute monarch whose every wish was a command.

While you admire the beautiful architecture and works of art your guide will share with you unimaginable anecdotes that will allow you to better understand this important period of the French history which changed the country forever. 

Explore the incredible palace, the intricate gardens and the village that gives the name to this, the most spectacular chateau in the world.

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Highlights along your way

  • Versailles Palace

  • King's great apartments

  • The Queen's bedroom

  • Hall of Mirrors

  • Royal Gardens 

  • Local Food market*

  • Grand Canal 

  • Versailles Village

  • Elegant Fountains

Detailed Description

This unforgettable stroll starts in Paris, where you will meet your guide and together you will take a local train (if you prefer private transportation this can be arranged).

During the way you will see the beautiful scenery that connects Paris with Versailles. This will allow you to slowly immerse yourself into a new reality, where the French nobility lived as nobody had ever dreamed before.

Once in the city of Versailles you will walk across the charming village, where you will experience the local ambience too, see the places where the real "Versaillais" live and hang out. Continue by passing by Notre Dame market and strolling the narrow old streets that have survived the centuries.

You will approach the imposing palace, pass the golden grill and have priority access to this UNESCO World Heritage Site!

Admire the incredible Hall of Mirrors and the King's Apartments, among many other sections of this incredible royal residence*.

Your stroll will finish with a relaxing walk among the elegant fountains, sculptures and trees, that make this the most beautiful French Royal Garden* ever to exist.

Before you say goodbye, your guide will let you know how to keep exploring the area, where to find something to eat or how to return to Paris on your own. Your ticket includes access to the whole domain so you might want to keep enjoying the area during the rest of the day.

* The closing of parts of the garden, fountains and sections of the palace of Versailles is not  the responsibility of StrollsParis.

Cena con amigos

private service

flexible itinerary

4 hours

up to 6 people

Meeting Place

Outside the  metro station "Saint Lazare" (find location here)  

Mobility Level

Get ready to walk about 3,2 kms / 2 miles


Private expert guide, interesting themed itinerary, taxes

Priority access to the Palace

Extra expenses

Access to the garden (only between April & October)

Transportation from Paris to Versailles (about 5€ p/p by train or 70€ by car)

Weather conditions

This tour takes place rain or shine

(check our cancellation policy)

End Location

In Versailles Domain


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